By. Ran

Who is a low-maintenance friend?

It is the person you don’t need to call every day. It is the person who knows that you are important no matter how far you have moved away from each other. It is the person you do not see every day, but when you finally see them, it is like you were never apart.

And here are 7 reasons why this kind of friends are the best.

#1. You encourage each other

How they spend their free time may not be interesting to you, but you are happy that they have a hobby. You are happy that they have a passion that fulfills them. Similarly, even though they may not share the same enthusiasm about your hobbies, they are happy for you.

#2. You never hesitate to ask each other out

It is a bit tricky asking some friends to hang out or chill. But with low maintenance friends, this is never the case. They will always have time for you. You will always make time for each other.

#3. You two can talk about anything

 They won’t judge you because they accept everything as part of being human. So you don’t have to think twice before sharing your secrets with them. You can talk with them about anything and everything.

#4. Your friendship is drama-free

In your friendship there is no time for drama and you both know that very well.  

#5. Time flies when you’re together 

When you two hang out together and spend time together, time flies faster than the light. You always have so much catching up to do. And more than anything, it is so much fun to spend time together.

#6. If push comes to shove you are there for each other in an instant

You are always there for each other no matter what happens. No matter how tough it gets, you always have their back, you always stand by their side.

#7. They don’t freak out

They forgive. They won’t block you on social media or give you the silent treatment. Simply put, they do not freak out about anything.

And that is true friendship right there!

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