Since there weren’t many people interested in hearing this Malaysian busker sing, he was going to have to pack it in. The most adorable small crowd showed up as he began to sing for enjoyment… Four kittens, all three months old, showed up to provide their support!
Even though many buskers are really gifted, they confront intense competition when performing on the street. Buskers often have to compete with people who are extremely talented to get people to pay attention to them.

It takes a lot of effort for buskers to make a few dollars.
A guy was busking on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, one day, and it appeared like nobody was paying attention to his guitar and singing. The man was worried about getting home with such a meagre sum, even though busking is a primary source of income for many individuals.

Image Credit & More Info; facebook | Youtube

Sami Hussein uploaded a video to YouTube with the description “Adorable video shows busker performing to group of kittens in Malaysia.” The video has received thousands of likes and comments and has surpassed 7.5 million views.

The owner of the video shared an online post about how the three-month-old kittens “just appeared” and “sat down” in front of him, seemingly understanding his emotions and providing him with support. The kittens remained his audience right up until the very end, and he even thanked them for coming to see his show. And the best part? Eventually, the kittens began bobbing their cute tiny heads in time with the music!

Even though he was feeling bad about his day’s earnings, the man chose to sing one more song for pleasure anyhow. The irony is that his audience starts to show up just when he starts to unwind and forget about the money!

The three-month-old kittens are fascinated by the man’s hand movement while he plays the guitar strings. They have likely never heard a guitar before.

Though the cameraman doesn’t pan behind them, anyone might see how a man serenading a litter of kittens would be sure to get people’s attention!

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