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Tortoises are wise, soulful creatures, with a lifespan that can go over decades and even centuries. Tortoises are reptile species that belong to the family of Testudinidae. Tortoises such as ‘lonesome George’ have managed to capture the hearts of worldwide nations and, while they have always been a popular pet as an alternative option, in recent years they’ve become a great alternative for families and individuals with allergies, as well as being well suited to those looking for a lower-maintenance pet suited to living in smaller spaces. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at a unique type of tortoise species, from those looking for a less maintenance domestic pet.

The residents in Tokyo have recently reported many encounters of seemingly the most patient pet-walker in the world who was supposed to be an elderly man who took his giant African spurred tortoise out for a stroll around the town.

Looking at the tortoise’s size, the mysterious pair had surely been together for a very long time, and the tortoise always walks loyally by its owner’s side. It even tolerates the occasional silly costume sometimes

It is indeed such a rare sight to see a tortoise as a pet being walked along the streets by nature. We upload these images for everyone around the world to come across.

Most land-living tortoises are herbivores who feed on green grasses, weeds, leafy greens, flowers, and certain fruits. Their main diet consists of alfalfa, clover, dandelions, and leafy weeds.

Tortoises generally have life spans that are quite similar to the of human beings, however, some tortoises have been known to have lived longer than 150 years. This explains the similar long-lasting relationship of this man and tortoise!

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