Some years ago, a Belgian firefighter chose to adopt a kitten he had rescued. With the hope that everyone in the house, even the dogs, would be accepting of the small animal, the man took him home. It was done. Aside from taking the feline in, the pooches raised him like a family member.

The cat Azmael has finally become an integral part of the group. They are still quite cautious with each other when they play together. Azmael even takes his siblings for walks, as if that weren’t enough.

Image Credit & More Info; Doudouisawesome

A picture of the group was uploaded to the “Aww” subreddit yesterday by Nathalie, the firefighter’s wife. You can see all three of the pets lounging on the roadside, having a good time outdoors. As of the writing of this post, the photo had an astounding 77K likes, proving that people fell head over heels for the innocent group. Nathalie informed Bored Panda that the pets in the picture are Nimue, an Altdeutscher Schäferhund, Azmael, a cat, and Liam, a White Swiss Shepherd.

In the midst of the road, in a little pool of blood, Nathalie’s husband discovered the cat. She stated that the animal was still alive, but in a very crippled state. “We took him to the vet, where he stayed for a few days, because no one knew where the kitten had come from, and he tried to find his family.” The cat’s condition was depressing, yet he pulled through, and his human family brought him home.

Two more cats round out the family’s five pets! Having five pets requires a significant amount of effort. We were already very busy with the other cats, so I was worried that raising our smallest would be difficult, but my Altdeutscher Schäferhund was an incredible assistance, Nathalie explained. She took care of the kitten every day, playing softly with her and cleaning her. If our dogs hadn’t gotten along, I guess it would have been a very different tale.

The animals’ harmonious group dynamics are on full display during their pack hikes. We go for a walk with Azmael almost every morning. It’s as if we own three canines. Be cautious, though; Azmael isn’t yet road-smart, so we’ll need to seize him and bring him to safety in the event that we spot an approaching vehicle. Even when other dogs bother ours, he runs them away, showing no fear of them.

Wish I had two dogs like this.

With the bodyguard.

That’s one pissed cat.

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