By. Anuradha

We all have heard about narcissists and if you have ever been worried that you have a close relationship with a narcissist, you would have probably read in and out about them. They are abusive, manipulative and would be so authoritative but good for these fellas, they always have a lucky charm which makes us fall in their lucky charm all the time. They know that they have the potential to do anything and get over that and unfortunately, they use this trick all the time.

These chameleons have multiple faces that they use for every person. First, they identify a person and get to know about that one from top to bottom and once, they are equipped with the knowledge, they would not hesitate to use it against that person. Their biggest weapon is the self-confidence they are having and by showing a masked face all the time, narcissists will create a living hell for their target. The worst thing is that they are more interested in people who are emotional, sensitive and empathic because they believe that these people are way better than them from everything. It makes them work against their catch and if you are emotional and sensitive, then you would be easy prey of a narcissist.

Even if you spotted the true self of a narcissist, it would be hard for you to work against that one as he/she has already won the trust of others around you. your narcissist will take all the measures to win the confidence of others and therefore when you feel like breaking their mask, it would not be possible as no one will believe in you. you would be hurt from deep inside without no one to help or listen and that is something that they were looking for as well!

They will always play the victim when necessary. They are quite cunning in mind and will always use everything for their benefit. You will never know the fall that you are going to have as you are also entrapped by their charm and once you become able to see through, it will be too late. Their false smiles, charming personalities, and generosity would be a garland for them and once they understand that this false façade is about to be broken, they will play the victim giving you no chances.

So, always be cautious before letting people inside to your life. They can be handsome, pretty, wealthy and popular, but all these charms will not last forever. If you feel that you are being used, always stand up against that. Don’t be afraid to validate your voice and the more you are confident, the more life would be easy for you!  

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