By. Ran

Dear men, listen up. It is time for you to finally see what is going on.

If you have been in a serious relationship, you should know this by now.  When a woman argues with you, she does so only because she cares about you. This type of arguing is not something that you should avoid or consider as annoying. In fact, you should appreciate this kind of arguing because it shows how much she cares for you.

When a woman argues, she feels something inside her. It is her emotions that are flowing through her mouth. Her behavior shows how much she loves you, how much she worries about you. Everything she does hints that she is looking for your attention. She talks, screams and sheds tears because there is a storm brewing fast inside her, a storm that she no longer can keep in.

The day you should be afraid of is the day she goes silent. The day she stops worrying.  The day she stops sharing her innermost and the most fundamental feelings with you.  The day she stops being vocal about how she feels. The day she loses the strength to fight for you two.

A woman’s silence is way more dangerous and loud that her words ever are. It is a sign that you no longer occupy her thought, that you no longer are of importance to her, that she no longer cares for you.

When a woman goes silent after a long period of talking, shouting, and screaming, that is when you should know that you have lost her. Forever. You should know that you have lost all her chances with her.

Yes, women love to express themselves in as many words as possible. Yes, women love to pour their hearts out through vocal means. When all those words fade away, that is when you have reached the beginning of a heart wrenching and unbearably painful ending.

Therefore don’t fear a woman’s words, her arguments, her screams.

Fear her silence, her indifference, her ‘I am fine’ behavior.

Because that is when you know clearly that she has given up everything forever. There is simply no turning back once she reaches this stage.

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