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Dragons have become an often-heard animal since the launch of the Games of Thrones series. There are many die hardcore fans of the series all around the world who love everything related to the story and dragons are there on the top of that list. However, we should not forget the significance dragons have in China and in other places where people love this mythical creature for various reasons. Their beauty and magnificent nature can hardly be compared with anything else and only a few artists can do justice to their awesomeness.

So, we found a person who has created a breath-taking dragon sculpture and the best thing is that he had used a chainsaw for this!

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A chainsaw and a beautiful art hardly go together but if you look at this dragon bench you would surely be awed by his talent. This bench was made by Igor Loskutow. He was born in USSR-administered Tallinn (now the capital of Estonia) and currently works in Bad Dürrheim, Southern Germany, as a Husqvarna representative and wood carving instructor. He has so much talent in his field, that since 2006, he has received more than a dozen accolades for his work, including a first-place ranking at the prestigious Fauna Carving Festival in the Netherlands in 2009.

His latest achievement, the stunning dragon bench, is sure to bring him even more success and has already earned him some viral fame. “Sh*t looks straight out of Skyrim,” one Reddit user commented, while others drew clear GOT parallels by calling it “Targaryen-approved.” This dragon bench looks perfect for any fine garden and if you are looking forward to adding some more sophistication to your garden, this would be the ideal choice for you! It is gorgeous, mysterious, and awesome, and what more do you need?

So, we thought of sharing some pictures of this bench and we also have some shots from the stage where it was made. So, you can scroll down and we are also going to show you some more pictures of his previous works. So, watch till the end, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on this!

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