By. Anuradha

There is no doubt that in each of our gangs there is a watermelon person! He/she would be the one who always goes for watermelons even when they are lost in a land of all kinds of fruits. They would go for watermelon drinks whenever they step to a juice bar and you will never see them eating anything else!

However, just like our watermelon friends, there are also some animals who are mad about watermelons. For instance, turtles are huge fans of watermelons and if you are someone who is wondering what to give for your pet turtle for his birthday, the best thing would be none other than a slice of this colorful fruit.

So, if you are still not sure whether turtles love watermelons, then don’t panic. Here we have a video that will clear all your doubts. Just in the same way as a small kid runs after mom to have chocolates, these turtles are also eagerly coming out of the water to have a bite of the watermelon slices offered by this person and it is absolutely cute!

They keep on eating and the person who holds the watermelon observes that they need water to swallow the fruit. So, each time a turtle fills its mouth with enough watermelons, they move back to water and this is a sight that you should not miss.

So, next time when you are going for a vacation near a lake where there are turtles, don’t forget to treat them with their favorite fruit. They will love you and will show their gratitude by a nice smile and that will make your day for sure.

So, watch the video below and don’t forget to leave your thoughts with us!

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