The chipmunk is well aware of the fact that it is pretty difficult to stay away from the fluffy cat. In the backyard of a Reddit member named GoldGuy, the courageous little creature came across a fluffy kitten that was sunbathing. The little cutie made a complete leap of faith and approached the kitty. There was neither a fight nor a resistance from the audacious cat.

GoldGuy’s photo series, which records the incredibly cute encounter, is titled “My cat made friends with a chipmunk,” and it is a collection of photographs that document the event.

Image Credit & More Info; GoldGuy/Reddit | H/T; lovemeow

Before we dive into more pictures, let me share a fun fact about Chipmunks.

Did you know that Chipmunks hibernate for up to 80% of the year? I bet you didn’t!
It is said that their heartbeat drops from 350 beats per minute to 4 beats per minute and simultaneously plummeting their body temperature. But these cuties wake up from time to time to snack on the stored food to get through the winter.

Enough with the facts. Now let’s go through these heartwarming pictures.

At first, the chipmunk appeared to be reasonably terrified and intimidated. As a result, the cat positioned itself in a position to demonstrate that it did not intend to cause any harm to the chipmunk, and the small rodent quickly approached the cat. A completely new, warm friendship was established when the chipmunk hopped on the kitten’s back and joyfully moved in the fluff. The chipmunk seems to grasp that the kitty also wanted to be friends with it.

Do you want to know something interesting and scary at the same time?

All of this seems cute and ordinary until you find out that by means of nature cats and chipmunks are predators and prey by default. Chipmunks often evade felines, and they tend to be more clever than cats while having an advantage size and speed wise. Also, it is said that in an urban setting, you might encounter cats and chipmunks interacting with each other.

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