By Anuradha.

Being a parent is, of course, a huge responsibility. Even though many of us can comment on the parenting habits of others, when it comes to us, we often become clueless on many occasions. Many parents often struggle between their enormous love towards the kids and the need to be severe to them. Sometimes, even when you notice certain mistakes of your kids, you would not feel like advising them as you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But there is no need to say that these sorts of little ignorance often result in bad consequences in the future.

However, being too severe with kids all the time also won’t work for them. when you are too strict and aggressive, kids would always try to distance themselves from you and they would never feel like reaching out to you in difficult situations as they do not consider you as a friend with whom they can share their fears. So, between these two ends, you have to select the middle and the best path and as much as you are tricky and wise with your kids, you will be a great parent!

So scroll down to see some parenting mistakes that we must avoid and these answers will give you solutions to many of the problems that you are having with your kid.

#1. Your excessive irritability might make your child be extremely secretive.

#2. When you stand for them more than necessary, they can be shy and indecisive in their future life.

#3. When you don’t give your kid the things they want, they might steal things from others.

#4. When you compare them often with others, they would be envious and jealous.

#5. A child becomes a bully when he/she is also being treated like that by family members.

#6. A child can be bad-tempered and irritable due to lack of attention.

#7. When you react harshly to their mistakes, they would try to lie more in the future.

#8. When you tell your child what to do all the time, they might be disrespectful to others.

#9. They might not stand up for themselves when you told them off in front of others.

#10. Always give priority to your child’s uniqueness.

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