By. Anuradha

You might think that times are changing and that we are rethinking about the ways in which we think about many things. Even though this statement can be applied to many things, still some old ideas are valid when it comes to love and relationships. Especially, despite our modern ideas, most of us still wait for men to make the first move! Some of the bold and strong thinking ones among us would probably not agree with this.


Men are biologically created to chase and look for their women. They are coming with ‘hunter’ instincts, which make them pursue their women and that is why we say ‘if a man wants you, then he would do anything to pursue you, and if it not so, that means he is not truly into you. This idea is highly debatable and therefore, let’s see the reasons why we think like this.

When women chase after men and show their interest, men begin to doubt your emotions.

As all of us are trained and used to seeing men coming after women, it is not easy for both men and women to get adjusted to this idea. However, we are living in a modern age and we see women pursuing men and expressing their interests. Most men would be honored with this kind of a reaction from the girls’ side, but there can also be traditional and conventional men, who do not like this idea. They might not be serious about the relationship and would always doubt that you might go for another man when you want.

You have to understand that, it is not about who asks out from whom at first. It is all about the energy and thought each one of you put into your relationship.

If you feel that you are the only one who is working for your relationship and your man does not show any interest in you, then you have to realize that he is not into you. Being with you can be a time passing thing for him and he will not have any intention of building a strong relationship with you.

So, if he is not pursuing you, then it is high time you moved out!

Don’t believe in cliches and think you can make wonders. We are all humans after all and we know how we all feel. If someone is not interested in something, then we cannot make that person like that thing by force. So, find someone who truly and genuinely loves you. You deserve the best and therefore, go for it!

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