By. Anuradha

Most of the time, we define being faithful as not cheating our partner. It is limited to the fact that you don’t sleep with anyone else other than him. You would say ‘I love you’ only to him but flirt with so many other people. If you think that physical connection is all that matters in a relationship, then, of course, you are wrong. 

Being faithful is choosing him every day despite the ups and downs in your relationship. It is the need you get to spend more time with him and be with him than going out with your friends for a reckless night. You would get so many options to meet new people who are way much better than your partner but if you are truly faithful, you will never reconsider your decision whenever you meet someone better. You would stay faithful to your love even when he is absent and a thousand miles away from you. It is loving and choosing him every day of your life. 

When you are faithful to your lover, you will never feel reluctant to share everything with him. You will tell everything that happened in your day, all the people you met and talked without hiding anything from him. You will not feel like hiding your conversations with other guys when you stay faithful to your lover. You will discipline yourself automatically when you are truly in love because then all your body, heart and mind will always be about him and not about anyone else.

Being faithful is communicating openly and honestly with your partner. We all can do mistakes in our lives but you should have the confidence to discuss all those things with him when you truly love him. You would find solutions to your problems together and there will be no secrets between both of you.

When you are faithful to your lover, you will never feel like texting or being with someone else in his absence. Sometimes, you would just spend your time with some other guy and you would just think about that as being with a friend. But when you question your heart and if you feel guilty, then, of course, it is not friends anymore and you are not being loyal to your partner.

Loyal people are really hard to find these days. You would feel the importance of being loyal if you have ever been created by someone else. None of us like to be fooled by someone that we trusted more than ourselves. So, next time when you feel like going out of your limits, just speak to your heart and question whether you are doing the right thing. It is always better to leave someone than playing with their hearts. So, question yourself first and then take the best decision!

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