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We all love the Jungle Book and Tarzan. We all saw the movies and loved how the lead roles portrayed life in the wilderness, their intimacy with nature. What would your thoughts be if we told you that there is a real girl who grew up in the wilderness, just like those lead characters from the movies did? It will be pretty amazing right?

This is the real story of a young girl, Tippi, who really did spend the first 10 years of her life living with wild animals. It is incredible to think that someone could share such a close bond with wild animals and nature, and this is exactly what this girl’s life is about. And it seems that the fictional version that we see in the movies is not that far-fetched!

Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degre spends the first 10 years of her life in an African bush. The images in ‘Tippi: My Book of Africa’ depict her magical life in wild nature. Now being published worldwide for the first time, the book depicts many pictures, including the ones with an elephant, who she calls her brother, and a leopard, her best friend.  

So, scroll down and take a look through these recently released photos. They are spectacular!  

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#1. This is a picture of the young girl spending some quality time with her meerkat friend.

#2. Pretty sure the world looks nice from up there!

#3. Tippy lived with her French parents, wildlife photographers Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre, traveling through Africa.

#4. This is her friend ‘Mr. I am not scary I am friendly and I lick our hand’.

#5. Tippi aged 6 with her arms stretched out on Sea Bird Island, Africa.

#6. Tippi resting on the trunk of Abu who is a 34-year-old elephant in Okavango Swamps, Botswana.

How awesome is this picture?

#8. Her meerkat friends.

This is a picture of Tippi sitting on the back of Linda, a tamed ostrich in South Africa. Tippi was six years old when this picture was taken.

#10. Tippi Playing with a snake.

A video of Tippi.

You Can check all her pictures in the book ” Tippi–my book of Africa”

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