It is easy to lose sight of the natural wonders around us when you live in a major city filled with constantly moving vehicles, incredibly tall buildings, and people in a continual state of hurry. The good news is that there are creative people in the world who never fail to remind us of that. Among them is Mithun, a wildlife photographer located in India.

Leopards and other large wild cats are Mithun’s speciality as a wildlife photographer. More than 500k people have liked Mithun’s photography account on Instagram, which is filled with stunning images of these untamed cats.

Image Credit & More Info; mithunhphotography/Instagram | facebook

Is that the shadow of the leopardIs that the shadow of the leopard.

No! They are two different creatures.

Two predatory felines, a black panther and a leopard, flank her in this shot. The way these untamed felines are posed makes it look like the black cat is actually casting a shadow of the one up front. By the way, both felines are gazing at the camera in a composed manner. Because this breathtaking scene captivated so many, this photo went viral in no time.

Seems like they’ve known each other for a while.

“Whenever I choose, I can shut my eyes and go back in time to that same moment. Such a sight is rare”. For Mithun, it was likely a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It definitely required a great deal of patience and waiting. The panther and Cleopatra were mating around 100 metres away in the dense undergrowth, but I couldn’t see them because to the low vision, so I waited in the same position for six days for this. After making a significant kill, they refused to move until the battle was ended. At that point, the expertise gained from years of tracking the panther came in helpful. Since that was the boundary of his domain, I had no choice but to wait at one of his favourite trails for six days while he collected her.

“The element of surprise” was Mithun’s response when we asked him what he enjoys most about photographing wildlife. What lies around the next corner is completely unpredictable. My life’s work is deciphering the secrets of the forest. It may take days, months, or even years to get the ideal shot. However, those little moments are truly unforgettable, and they are worth living for. Wildlife photography is quite captivating.

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