Meerkats, also known as Suricatta Suricatta, are naturally wild animals that are found and mostly inhabit the deserts of Namibia and the Kalahari, as well as other regions of Africa. As far as you can tell, the last place you would anticipate seeing them is somewhere in the north, where winter is prevalent and the temperature is low, such as Russia.

The fact that this meerkat, whose name is Surya, is currently residing in the warm and welcoming home of Ekaterina Kuraeva in St. Petersburg is the reason why she is so remarkable. Surya was adopted from the Moscow zoo, and Ekaterina did not want the gorgeous creature to become an “office toy” after going through the adoption process.

Image Credit & More Info; meerkat_suren/Instagram

If you are a social animal like a meerkat, which typically lives in clans, you would assume that there is not much to do and that it is rather boring. Yet Surya is not the only one. In order to keep him company, she has a Chartreux cat named Nice who is quite chubby. Despite the fact that they are not genetically related to cats, they have been given the name meerkat or Mierkat, which means “lake cat” and “termite cat” in Dutch and Afrikaans, respectively. This is an odd coincidence because they have such a feline-like appearance.

Around six years ago, when Surya was just a little baby and Nice was already two years old, this improbable but extremely active combination became best friends. Surya was only a little baby at the time. The fact that they have been inseparable ever since they first met is evidenced by the fact that their Instagram profile is a witness to the fact that they have a relationship. For example, Surya has a needy and caring attitude, to the point where he becomes envious when Ekaterina is giving the cat an excessive amount of attention.

When this happens, Surya would jump and claw in order to get Nice away from her. Nice is considerably more quiet, but he is more than glad to comply if Surya requires some care. They are constantly hugging, playing, and cuddling with one another, and they spend their time together every single day of the week. While they are doing it, they create what could be considered the cutest photographs and videos that can be found on the internet.

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