By. Ran

Have you ever felt like you have had enough? Like you are fed up with everything and everyone? Have you ever felt like you are willing to give up on dating and meeting new people? Fed up with all the toxic people who come into your life? Fed up with all the narcissistic and manipulating people who try to take advantage of you?

If you ever feel like giving up and accepting the possibility that you will never find the one true love of your life, please listen. Because it is this exact time that you need to keep going. It is God testing your faith and strength. So you need to keep going no matter how hard it feels.

He is testing how much you yearn for love. He is testing your bravery and your faith in him. And above all, he is testing your patience.

Maybe you find it hard to believe this right now but listen to this.  God has a plan for you. As always he has a plan for everything on the planet. It is true that there are times when we can’t understand what is happening. But in the end, it’s all going to make sense. It will all work out for the best. And you will understand this at the end. Everything happens for a reason and he knows the reason.

Your life is safe in God’s hands. He knows exactly what is going to happen and when. He doesn’t want you to be sad, he wants you to be happy in every way possible. He has already prepared the perfect person for you to share your life with – someone is destined to be with you.

Even though this person might not be perfect it will be everything you have ever wanted in your life. But there is something that you should know. This person will not come into you your life when you want them to. This person will enter your life when the time is right.

Because remember, God knows when you should meet each other. His timing is perfect. This may happen when you are at your most vulnerable when you have gone through a lot and feel like now you have given on love completely. This may happen after a heartbreaking breakup or a series of dates with the wrong kind of people.

Because when this person comes to your life you will realize why it never worked out with anybody else. You will realize that everything has to go the way they did because you have to be prepared for this special person. All the hardships prepared you for this, for you to appreciate when they come to your life.

And you will be grateful. Grateful for the heartbreak. Grateful for all the people that you had to walk away from. Grateful for all the sleepless nights that you spent tears rolling down your cheeks. Every time you got someone away from your life it was because they were toxic for you.

So please don’t lose faith in God he is right there and he is watching you and he has the perfect life plan for you.

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