By: Santo

All foreign visitors are equally surprised by one thing – the beauty of Japanese towns. Whether day or night places like Shibuya and Shinjuku are bustling with people with the city’s central railway stations having the world’s largest number of users, but what is surprising is the almost total lack of public waste receptacles. Yet each area is always kept clean and attractive. This is especially amazing considering the high density of people going about the city every day. Are there any other cities in the world with a population of slightly less than 9.3 million that manage to stay as clean as Tokyo without waste receptacles? Let’s take a look at the secret to this phenomenon: the way people are raised in Japan.

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. It is a heavenly beautiful country with loving and friendly people.  There are golden temples, ancient castles, shrines, samurai houses, tranquil Zen gardens and most significantly, Geisha to spot in Japan. Think karaoke bars, world-class nightclubs, and SAKE! The Karaoke bars are technologically advanced, with luminous paint, disco lights, and booming sound systems. Opt to go to an Izakaya before a night out for the perfect mixture of cheap food and drinks. It’s the Japanese version of pubs.

Without a doubt, Japanese food is WORLD CLASS, having more Michelin restaurants than anywhere else in the world. Think SUSHI, SASHIMI, SOBA, UDON, BENTO, OKONOMIYAKI, TAKOYAKI, RAMEN, GYOZA! Japan is arguably one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. Who doesn’t know of HARAJUKU? Harajuku is perfect for those vintage threads and quirky pieces. Shibuya is the heart of youth subculture, and shopping.

Japan is an amazing country with a beautiful natural environment and unique culture. Its people are also very inventive, fond of creating things that you won’t find anywhere else.

#1. Gas Stations you can’t find anywhere else. (gstatic)

#2. Modern vending machines. (caak)

#3. Parking with minimum space used. (animalworld)

#4. Customized drink cans for the blind. (gracebuchele)

#5. You don’t have to keep your bag on the floor. (publinews)

#6. Witness the experience in spa while travelling by train. (naver)

#7. Free tissues in streets. (fc2)

#8. Super power toilets. (wikimedia)

#9. Stress reducing poppers. (recreoviral)

#10. Taxi doors that open and close automatically. (livefeellovejapandotcom)

#11. Hotels specially made for sleeping. (fubiz)

#12. Play music on roads while travelling. (piwee)

#13. Your cat too has a cafe.

#14. Kotatsu: the heated table. (whicdn)

#15. A full system for announcing. (mainfun)

#16. You are allowed to sleep at work. Power saving mode on. (thepopdaily)

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