By: Anuradha

Most of us are used to buy products based on their brands as we believe that ‘good brands have good products’. We think that such products will last for a long time and that we can take the maximum use out of the amount that we spent. However, this idea seems to be only a myth when considering much news that we hear often from the market.

Even the so-called renowned brands use various tricks to deceive their customers and market their products. So, if you are someone who is conscious about the brands of the products that you buy, then this would be the ideal article for you.

When you look at all these pictures, you would surely be more conscious when you buy things next time!

1. Quaker oatmeal advertises 35% less sugar, but in reality, they are just selling 35% smaller portions in all products but for the same price.

2. You are wrong if you think that you can read it from the top shelf.

3. It did grow but not as one would think.

4. Included or not? The decision is yours!

5. Just add strawberry, milk, and ice!

6. This is how an unused deodorant bottle looks without the labels.

7. Fake hair to make you swipe up.

8. The balloon!

9. Inside of a drone. They confess the truth like this.

10. Deceiving the customer like a pro.

11. What the actual heck.

12. The cancel installation button is green in color.

13. This $5 floam for kids.

14. Expectation VS reality. ordering a Spongebob for a birthday party will be like!

15. Make up your mind indeed Tide.

16. Free coffee for $1.

17. Pulling ‘up to’ in a smaller font. Old trick.

18. An ad that can make you click on the green button.

19. 100 GB on a flash drive.

20. This is called good Photoshop!

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