Known as Ostdrossel, Lisa will lead you on an adventure into the world of birdwatching. Upon noticing the unusual birds that attended her new home in Michigan, Lisa embarked on a voyage into avian photography. Fascinated by the variety, she Set up a photo booth in her backyard that would not harm the birds, allowing her to capture their natural poses and expressions.

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Seasonal changes affect the behavior of birds. Our feathery buddies adapt their habits to the changing seasons. We met with Lisa to have a better understanding of her observations and creative journey in order to go deeper into this winged world. Lisa verified that the birds do, in fact, display distinct behavioral changes throughout the year, which makes birdwatching a fascinating and exciting hobby.

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Lisa has stated her desire to use cameras to visit more remote places in an earlier interview. Therefore, we were wondering whether there are any particular places or sceneries that she is dying to see. “I am talking about areas that are perhaps a bit more remote than my backyard, which is not in the middle of the wilderness,” according to her.

I’d love to have some forestland to explore and experiment with trail cameras in order to cut down on my need on power and Wi-Fi. Things are exciting and promising so far in my experiments with one, but I am also quite strapped for cash, so my options are somewhat limited. The year will tell what the year delivers in terms of how much fun it is to experiment.

Birds add a certain allure to our outdoor adventures, and those who adore them never want to leave. Whether we’re in the middle of a busy town or lost in nature, our feathered friends provide a special tune to every moment.

Just look at those sturdy wings. 

This bird has an attitude.

The American Tree Sparrow paying a visit to the bird feeder. 

The easiest way to get food during winter.

Someone has been eating too many seeds. 

Too many choices to pick from.

Aren’t I the cutest?

We got a sunflower seed fan right here.

Don’t get lost in my beady eyes.

Wildlife photography seems like an interesting hobby. I’m sure many of you have already built up a passion for it. If you have any photographs you have taken, please do share it with us in the comment section.

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