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Here is something that will make your day better. This is a wholesome story about deer enjoying cherry blossoms in a park in Japan.

A Japanese photographer shared stunning footage from Nara Park back in April and it is going viral all over the internet. These images depict how Sika deer enjoy the cherry blossoms; one photo even shows one critter munching on a cracker that the photographer brought to the park.

Kazuki Ikeda, the photographer who captured this tranquil scene, was organizing a photo-shoot that day. He went to the park with the intention of capturing beautiful shots for a couple before their wedding. Even though the pair was the original focus of the shots, it was the deer who became the stars of the day!

Image Credit & More info: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | okadennis

Here is the photo of deer enjoying the pink cherry blossoms that went viral.

The photographer was doing a pre-wedding shoot at the moment.

Nara Park is famous for its population of Sika deer. Visitors buy crackers from the nearby shops and these crackers are actually meant to be fed to the deer. They have become a major attraction.

At the beginning of March, deer were seen leaving the park and roaming around the streets looking for food as the number of visitors decreased drastically due to the effects of the COVID 19 global pandemic.

Now, as more and more people go outside, it seems that the deer are back in the park and enjoying their time there. The photographer shared videos and shots on his social media accounts.

He wanted to encourage people to go see the beauty of this park as soon as the threat of the pandemic ends. The photographer said, “The pandemic is exhausting the hearts of people all over the world,”.

“I hope this video makes people around the world feel at ease,” he added.

Deer were spotted looking for food in the streets back in march.

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