By. Ran


I know who you are. You are the girl who gets a text and spends most of the night sleepless trying to dissect and decipher the hidden meaning which probably was not even there in the first place.

You are the girl who worries about everyone else, making sure that they all had their breakfast, making sure that they are having a good time, even before they think if doing the same for you.

You think so hard before taking a decision because you want it to be the perfect one.  It is hard for you to enjoy the moment you live in. There is always something for you to worry about that requires your attention.

Perhaps you don’t like the fact that you overthink. Maybe you hope that you too could go with the flow like the others do. Especially if your overthinking cost you your peace of mind.

When you fall in love you fall deep and hard. You are not looking for a short term thing or a hookup. You are looking for a soul connection, you are looking for someone who you can spend the rest of your life with, someone with whom you can live out your dreams and fantasies.

You cannot give them only a little of something; you have to give them one hundred present. Always.  You commit yourself, your body and soul. You commit fully and expect the same in return. You won’t settle for anything less than real.

You could never waste the time of someone you love, you spoil them. You give them exactly what they deserve, not a bit less. They mean everything to you.

Sometimes, this can work out to be a disadvantage for you. This may make people think that they can take advantage of you, that they can use you.  You are scared of getting hurt that you will do everything possible to avoid it.

At the end of the day, you are who you are. You can’t and should not force yourself to change at any cost.  It has to be a natural development stemming from within.

Thinking too much and loving too hard are evidence of a person who has a depth to her soul. You feel so much that your feelings are in your actions. There is nothing wrong with that.

So you should try to enjoy life despite everything. You only get one life and you need to pay attention to the present moment.

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