Kit is a 10-year-old pup who was living on the streets of Turkey. This stray was luckily rescued from the streets and given the opportunity to travel all the way to the United States to meet her new mother, Lindsay Paluba. Though the creature was exhausted after all this traveling, she was happy that she finally found her forever home.

At first, Kit was skinny, her stomach and neck were almost bare because she was missing fur and all her front teeth were worn down. The front teeth had to be pulled out, leaving the doggo with a gorgeous gummy smile. Kit adjusted to her new environment and was soon enjoying the comforts that the new house offered.

Image Credit & More Info; hangingwith_henry/Instagram

She found safety in her new dog bed and would not even move away from it. “She wagged non-stop on the bed and continuously inched forward to ask for pets,” expressed Lindsay. Kit even managed to bond with the three fur siblings who were residents of the Paluba household. It took a while for her beautiful smile and happy tail wag to emerge because the doggo was nervous in the beginning.

“It only took a few days for Kit’s smile and tail wag to change from a nervous one to a happy one. Once she met her fur siblings, you could tell she let her guard down,” Lindsay conveyed. Kit’s health conditions did create obstacles when interacting with her furry siblings, but it was clear that she was smitten with them. Kit follows them around wherever they go with her tail wagging fast. “I think they help her feel safe,” the human momma added.

As days passed by, Kit appeared to be emerging from her shell, making her real personality visible. She is now not the shy pup that she once used to be and Kit is now rather energetic. The doggo has even gone to the extent of claiming all the dog beds in the house. She enjoys getting pets, rolling in the grass, and playing ball.

Kit is now an official member of the Paluba family and nothing can wipe the adorable smile off her face. Although the doggo is still being treated for her health conditions, she is not on her own since her loving family is always there by her side. According to Lindsay, “She is the most perfect dog, and we love her so much!”

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