By. Anuradha

Love is something magical and beautiful and I am someone who always believed in its powers. I think love should be pure, genuine and I adore the soulmate kind of love where two people are inseparable from each other. I have had such relationships in my life where people write novels about. I have had a relationship that made me love every day I passed. It was like never-ending one beautiful chapter where I love to read each word over and over.

But, that love also gave me pains. I have been hurt many times and all those painful experiences have taught me my life lessons. Those were rough phases but now I understand the truth as it is. No matter what we think and what we dream of life, the truth is that all of us won’t get a soulmate as we think. Life will not always be a fairy tale and you have to accept the truth.

We will not always end up with the love of our life.

But that is okay.

If you are lucky, you will meet the love of your life. If you are luckier, you will get to spend your time with him, hold his hand and look into his eyes every morning. But unfortunately, most of us are not that lucky. Sometimes, we will meet that one person but will not be lucky enough to make that one stay with us. They will spend some time with us and then will leave us forever.

But that is okay.

They come into our life for a reason. Maybe that might be to teach you a lesson or to help you to understand the true nature of love and life. Thanks to them, you will no longer live in a dream world but live with a realistic idea about everything around you and this knowledge will help you forever.

So, keep in your mind that we will not always end up with the loves of our life. But, that is okay and that is how life is!

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