By Anuradha

There are various deeds done by people who might not look ‘right’ in some people’s eyes. When certain people can believe that it is okay to smoke, to go for night clubs, have several partners and have an abortion whenever they want, certain other people would consider these to be utterly wrong. However, there is no need to say these sorts of sentimental issues are highly debatable and the responsibility of such actions often lies in each of our shoulders.

A man in Tucson, Arizona, Jordan Hart has taken a decision to ‘re-educate’ women who visit the local planned parenthood office. He has openly admitted to taking license plate photos of people entering the facility so that he can track them down to their homes and make them aware of the truth of abortion. 

His deed was bought to light by a Facebook group named Planned parenthood Baby parts Emporium and they pointed out that even though local police are aware of his actions, they are not willing to do anything against it.

It seems that Jordan is well aware of his actions and in a reply to a post published by the group, he has acknowledged the responsibility of his action.

However, Jordan’s actions remain highly debatable as planned parenthood does not only offer abortion facilities. Many people commented to Jordan’s post pointing out that planned parenthood also does a great deal of help to many young families who are struggling with several issues and offer healthcare services like cancer screenings, birth control, vaccines and advice on sexual health issues, etc.

There are many people who have visited planned parenthood and even you might have been there at some point in your life, so, please let us know what your true feelings are about Jordan’s action in the comment section below.

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