By. Ran

Finding your one true friend, who’s going to be there for you no matter what, is as complicated and difficult as finding your soul mate.

A true friend is someone who listens to your drama over and over again without complaining a true friend is someone who has your back no matter what. And the truth, true friends are hard to come by. And here are 10 signs that your bff is a true friend.

#1. You have built a great communication pattern.

You don’t need to communicate every day to know that the friendship is real. You are both good listens and you know what your friend needs when they say ‘can I call you.’ You always have a shoulder to cry on, and know how to console your friend whenever needed.

#2. Both of you are equally excited about hanging out.

You two feel that you have invested in the friendship equally. There is no single person reaching out all the time. Both of you make an equal amount of effort and both of you are really hyped up about hanging out.

#3. It takes only a look or a word to tell if your friend is feeling down.

All it takes is one look for your friend to know that you are feeling down. Even if you say ‘I’m fine,’ they know that the truth is far from that. They know that you are worried with just a look. And what is more, they know how to cheer you up instantly.

#4. You stay in touch no matter the distance.

Someone once said, “True friends are apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart”. Life is not a straight line; it is a journey with ups and downs. And even if you two go separate ways, you will still be connected. If the friendship is real, you will always be connected no matter how far from each other you are.

#5. You help each other out without being too needy.

Listening to your friend and paying attention to their problems doesn’t feel like wasting your time on someone’s drama if the friendship is real. And on the other hand, you don’t require your friend’s help constantly, like a drain. That is how a true friendship works.

#6. You know how to handle your jealousy.

When someone else calls your best friend their best friend, you know how to control your anger and rage. You know that it will make them happy and you accept it empathetically. And you hide your jealousy pretty well.

#7. You’re not afraid to be brutally honest with each other.

You don’t hesitate to be straightforward with them and tell them exactly what you think. No matter how bitter a pill it may be, you always tell the truth. That is because you want the best, only the best for your best friend.

#8. You’re both equally adventurous.

You’re both equally adventurous and you have the same passion towards life. You two love exploring together, discovering new things and having the greatest time of your life. And the best part is, you never get bored when you’re together!

#9. You open up in a healthy way.

Whenever you encounter some emotional trauma and depression, you open up to your friend in a healthy way. Your friend listens to you, and gives the best advice. You never think of using each other’s vulnerabilities and that is why you can share anything with each other, no matter how dark and secretive they may be.

#10. Nothing has the power to stand between you.

You do not see your best friend all the time, but you know that they are there. Neither distance nor jobs or relationships have the power to stand in the way of your friendship. You mean a lot to each other and you value your friendship above anything else.

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