By. Ran

We all know that girl. The girl who brightness up everyone and everything. The moment she enters a room, it is like the sun shines brighter, it is like the sunflowers are blooming in abundance. She radiates love; she is always pure and positive.

But, unfortunately, she ends up with the one person who does not deserve her even for a day. She falls in love with a toxic person. The one who takes her love and care for granted. Gradually, she loses herself, she becomes someone else. She loses her smile, her soul. You become worried about her. But when you ask her, she tries to convince that she is all right, that there is nothing wrong. But, deep down, you know that it is affecting her, you can feel it in her smile. You wonder why she keeps trying, why she does not give up.

Because she is optimistic. She does not give up because she hopes. Endlessly. She believes that her love can change everything.

But the reality is, it cannot. And it does not. The toxic partner knows that she is blinded by love and manipulates her love all the time. He uses her, knowing that she would do anything for him. This is how optimistic and loving women waste their precious time on toxic people.  Believing that no matter how hard and dark it is there is always sunshine, she forgets herself. She forgets to take care of herself.

She does everything in her power. She changes herself, she puts herself second. But she does not do one thing she does not leave. She does not walk away even when there is nothing left to do.

It is truly sickening when such a woman gives everything while the toxic partner says that it is simply not enough. But that is what her heart urges her to do. It is devastating to see the reality; that is why those women usually go through such a hard time. They think their optimism can change people but in reality the very thing hurts them more.

After all, there is a silver lining in these human beings. These kind strong women are rare, but they do exist.

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