By: Janani

There’s a saying “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars”, the obvious reason for women and men to come from two different places is because the way they do things are different from each other. Love is one such act that men and women do differently. Both have their own distinct ways of showing their love. Women believe saying the three words “ I Love You” many a time per day shows their love and expect men to do the same. But men, do not depend on mere words but on acts. Their actions show their love towards you. Is it difficult for you to realize if he loves you or how much he loves you? Then better check if these signs can be observed in your boyfriend. If so, you’ve got a keeper yourselves ladies!

#1. No fear at sacrifices

Many couples break up when one party is not fully committed or not willing to sacrifice something for the sake of their love. We girls, think that it is always the woman who has to sacrifice, but what we don’t see is how men also sacrifice a lot to maintain the relationships. If your boyfriend try to make time for you, or come all the way to see you, trust me girl, he is sacrificing his free time just to make you happy. Your happiness means world to him.

#2. Always a good listener

It says, women are good listeners, but also, women love to talk and that is no secret. And we always need someone to listen to our stories, complains and every single problem we have! So if your man listens to you and even remembers and is willing to discuss your matters with you, you are truly blessed to have him.

#3. Shows his vulnerability

Men usually do not show their feelings. Take you father, except for being angry, does he ever become vulnerable in front of you? But he would, in front of your mom! So it’s same for your lover. If he is not ashamed to show his emotional side to you, it means he is is really comfortable with you and  he trusts you. He has put his guard down to be who he really is with you. So you’ve got nothing to fear, for he loves you to the moon and back!

#4. Loves your best look and your worst look the same

In the first few weeks and months of a relationship, both girl and boy try to be in their best outfit. Girls specially try to have the best look with nice hair styles,lot of makeup ,and matching shoes and bags. But later on it gets real. With the days and months going by we tend to go back to who we really are; messy hair, slacks and t-shirts! But that should not level down the love he has for you! It should actually increase as you are being this comfortable being with him. If he loves the person you are for real, he will keep loving you, whether you look like a princess or a pajama loving messy girl.

#5. Always be your strength

Sometimes we meet couples where the man tries to eclipse the woman. He will not let her do what she wants, always try to control and whatnot! But we also see men who would help their girls to stand up and even guide if needed, to be what she wants. If your guy, sticks up for you, defends you and be your strength in your weakest day, then he is truly the one.

#6. Loves and respects your family just like he loves his own

Ok now, have you taken him to meet your family? At least, maybe to meet your siblings? Did he act reserved and distant or did he enthusiastically engage in discussions with them? Ok let’s not expect your man to be overly friendly in the first time he meets your family. But with the time, you will see how helpful he is to your family, how much he respects your parents,your siblings and relations. He won’t judge them or you and think they lack in some way or the other. He will try to embrace the fact and to be ok with it.

Being in a relationship is not all lovey-dovey all the time. There will be times where you see the worst of each other. That nature of a relationship is inevitable. But if he decides to stay and love you more, even after seeing both good and bad sides of you, girl you are the luckiest in the world!

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