By. Ran

One day you will be the person who inspires someone to believe. You will be the one to make them believe not only in their qualities, their strength, their potential, their uniqueness but also in the goodness of others. And in true love.

One day you will be the sunshine to someone’s dark and grim world. You will be the light that guides them, the one who will encourage them to find their inner strength.

One day you will be the person who fixes a scattered heart, healing their wounds, mending their broken hearts. You will teach them to smile again, to trust again, and to love again.

One day you will be the person who will remind someone of their worth. You’ll remind them of their individuality and their greatness.

You will be the reason why someone is no longer afraid to fall in love. You will make them feel the need to seclude themselves no longer, you will be the reason why they do not hide their heart and suppress their feelings any longer. 

One day you will show someone that true love does exist.  You will show them what true, deep, unconditional love is, what passion really feels like. 

One day you will be everything somebody ever dreamt of. Everything they have ever wanted. You’ll be the person they thought they would never meet. Their perfect imperfection. Their hope. Their whole world. Their forever person. You will be the person who makes them feel alive.

One day you’ll be the person that someone will be grateful for having in their life.

One day you’ll understand why all your previous relationships failed. You will understand why it never worked out. You will understand why they left you. And, more importantly, you will understand why there was another plan for you all the way.

Because one day you’ll find someone who will be the right person for you. Someone who will see you for the amazing person you are. Someone who cherishes and adores every moment with you. Someone whom you’ll mean the world to. Someone you never thought would be yours. Someone you never even dreamt of even in your wildest dreams.

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