By. Anuradha

We all love to show our love to the ones we love. When we love and adore people around us, the world gets beautiful and we feel better too. But sometimes, some people would not understand the depth of our love for them. what if we can wear our heart on our chest and show our love to those people who do not understand us? Well, you would think that is such a funny idea! But the cat we are going to show you now is lucky enough to wear her heart on her chest and it is impossible to stop ourselves from loving her.

Zoe is a sweet cat who was born with a heart-shaped patch of black fur on her chest. Her owners initially went to take her sister Izzy from the Shelter but when they saw Zoe, they couldn’t refrain from taking her home. So now the two sisters live happily and their pictures can always be seen on the internet. These two cats are too much adorable and the way they play with each other, cuddle each other and sleep together are cute. 

So, scroll down to see some of their pictures and there is no doubt that all the cat lovers would fall in love with them. we are waiting to see your lovely comments about them as well!

Image credit: izzyandthefluff

#1. When her soon-to-be humans came to adopt her sister, Zoe could charm them into adopting her as well.

#2. Her humans fell in love with the beautiful kitten on the spot and the tuxedo sisters remained united.

#3. Zoe is growing in to become a beautiful cat and the best thing is that her heart and her fur are also growing along with her!

#4. Well teddy, My heart is cuter than yours!

#5. Wow, Is that a pudding?

#6. Let me stretch a little bit.

#7. I say hi using my foot!

#8. Say what?

#9. Who is there? Mouse is that you?

#10. wow!

#11. Showing off my heart!

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