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Have you ever carefully observed a kid during a performance?  If so, you may have noted that kids do various things during performances; they scream, they cry, they pretend to be catatonic, they run off the stage, etc. And sometimes, only sometimes, they sing or dance or do whatever it is that they are supposed to do. But have you ever seen a kid take control of the performance and decide to change it entirely?

This little boy was supposed to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” with his fellow partners. The future-internet-star decided that the children’s rhyme was too basic for him and opted for “the imperial march” of the legendary “star wars.”

The video which filmed him snatch the microphone and sing “the imperial march” was captured about a year ago but was posted on Twitter only recently. It was posted by a relative of the young boy with the following caption. “Sometimes when I need to laugh, I think about the time my cousin’s son took over a group rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to sing the Imperial March.”

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 Image credits: actuallyerin

The three cousins were supposed to entertain the family gathering with a rendition of the all-time-favorite nursery rhyme and nobody probably expected to see the kid take the matters into his own hands.

 Image credits: actuallyerin

Erin’s tweet was retweeted more than 110,000 times and the video has been able to gather quite the fan base too. In fact, it has been viewed more than 6 million times. Some noticed the way the boy ‘pushes’ the girl on the left, but Erin quickly responded. “The little girl is his older sister and they have a perfectly normal sibling relationship. She sang ‘Let it Go’ after this and was totally fine.”

Even Luke Skywalker himself- Mark Hamill noticed the soon-to-be-a-star.

Image credits: hamillhimself

“The Dark Side is strong in him!” retweeted the actor.

The relative who posted the video was not probably expecting it to be such a hit. Obviously, the young singer was praised by people on twitter.

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