By. Ran

The bond between a girl and her mother is unparalleled to any other bond.  Often, it is her bond with her mother that moulds a daughter’s personality. Strong mothers raise strong daughters and there are some things worth mentioning.

A strong mother teaches her daughter that a strong woman can flourish on herself. She does not need somebody else to make her happy; she knows that her happiness depends solely on herself. 

A strong mother raises an independent woman who can get stuff done on her own. Mother’s strength teaches several lessons to a daughter; it is by observing the mother’s strength that a daughter learns to stand up for yourself, how to confront people when needed, how to take care of herself and to survive in this big world.  A strong mother knows her worth and teaches her daughter that she is worth a lot. She does not allow relationships to get toxic and teaches her daughter to choose between people who are worth keeping close and who should be cut off from life.  A strong mother respects herself and does not allow people to put her down; she teaches her daughter the same values, that it is okay to stand up for ourselves.

A strong mother makes sure that her daughter knows that crying is okay. Even the toughest of us cry at hard times. What is important is to learn from those hard times and to move on.  A strong mother teaches her daughter that it is okay to cry off and move forward; she teaches that it is important to not look back and dwell on the past. It is important to appreciate the now and to look for the future with hopes.

With a strong mother, giving up is not an option, especially giving up on yourself. A strong mother teaches her daughter the importance of picking up yourself and trying again, even when you fail.  She raises a daughter whose standards are set high, who does not allow herself to be taken advantage of. She knows that the process takes time; she does not rush it but respects it. 

A girl with a strong mother should feel constantly reminded of what a badass she is. You can always choose to be happy and strong because it’s an ability that’s been instilled in you by your mother.   She is your inspiration, your role model, and when you grow up with a strong mother, you also become a strong woman.

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