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As we have all observed, the beauty of nature is mesmerizing and nature is known as the manifestation of the universal spirit. Although nature is breathtaking on its own, at times humans find ways in which they add to the beauty of nature. James Brunt is one such unique individual who comes up with numerous ways to make nature more appealing.

He produces artworks that are out of this world, only using natural objects that he comes into contact with within his home in Yorkshire, England. His creations consist of intricate detailing that is sure to please your eyes as well as your soul. James makes use of rocks, twigs, leaves, and even berries when producing his artwork. He then positions them in concentric circles, spirals, and other patterns.

This talented individual doesn’t forget to share photographs of his beautiful artwork on social media as well. The viewers not only get the opportunity to enjoy his images, but they are also able to join James as he works. Don’t forget to have a look at his artwork because we guarantee you that they are sure to take your breath away.

#1. Spiraling rocks from ascending to descending order.

#2. Uncovering the hidden patterns of nature.

#3. Beautiful synchronization of colors and a clear depiction of the changing of the seasons.

#4. A creation with a hypnotic affect.

#5. Adding to the beauty of the shore using none other than seashells.

#6. An artwork that has achieved the highest level of intricate detailing.

#7. This creation is sure to remind you of a tower guarded by a defensive wall.

#8. Looks like multiple rivers flowing from a great mountain.

#9. What a great use of twigs.

#10. The earth is a canvas waiting to be drawn upon.

#11. Nature and its balance in one picture.

#12. The perfect combination of earth and twigs.

#13. The half version of a ripple.

#14. Looks like a staircase leading to the sky.

#15. The breathtaking designs of nature.

#16. A stream flowing by a spiral of rocks.

#17. How perfect is this color coordination?

#18. This creation definitely looks realistic.

#19. The gifts of nature are used in a meaningful way.

#20. How beautiful it is to add to the beauty of nature instead of destroying it?

Image Credit & More info: James Brunt/instagram | | Facebook | Twitter

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