By. Anuradha

We all like to have a strong personality. We adore people with strong qualities and particularly, women with strong personalities shine among others. It is intimidating even to approach them but deep inside most of us wish to be like them. so, here are 10 qualities of strong women which make them stand unique among others.

#1. She is her fighter. 

She is independent and courageous. She won’t wait till someone makes her dreams come true but will work by her self to reach them. even when she is dating someone, she will give her fullest love and affection only if the other person also loves her in the same way. If not, it is in vain to expect more from her. She doesn’t need a man to look after her and she is her fighter.

#2. She knows what she wants.

She has a very good idea about herself and she knows what she wants in life. There are no hesitations or ambiguities in her life. She knows that attachments are coupled with danger and therefore, she will always take measures to fight her enemies all by herself.

#3. She respects honesty and vulnerability.

She is not cold by any means but so emotional and sensitive. Yet, the way she exposes that can be different from others. She knows that accepting emotions is the only way for fighting with them. she is honest and expects the same from the people around her. 

#4. She will not shy away from intimacy.

She is not afraid to make connections but she will not let everyone to try that out with her. She knows that the best way to live is to live with positive vibes and she will only let that right person enter into her life. She is cautious in selection as she knows there are plenty of people out there who will be suitable to fill that role.

#5. She may be a human lie detector.

It is not wise to lie to a strong woman. She can see through your lies and therefore, it is not easy to cheat her. She is perfectly honest and she expects the same treatment from others. When she realized that she is cheated by someone, she will never forgive that person and will surely cut that person out of her life.

#6. She needs integrity, respect, and consistency.

She knows her worth and therefore, she won’t let anyone fool her. When a man lies to her and is inconsistency in his character, she won’t let such a person plays with her life. But, if she meets someone who respects her and treats in the way she deserves, that one will surely get the most passionate love he can ever imagine.

#7. She can be intense and hard to handle.

She is more likely an old soul who is extremely proud and sure of herself. She has been through a lot and her path has not been easy. So, she never backs up when she is confident that she is taking the right decision and it might not be easy for others to handle and control her.

#8. She knows her worth and yours too.

She knows her true worth and that of others around her. So, she will let only a few suitable ones to enter into her life and when she has to be with people, she will work with this understanding. She might seem too intimidating at times because of this quality.

#9. She loves unconditionally.

One of the most prominent features of strong women is that they are filled with love. They won’t let everyone to enter into their lives, but once they do, they will treat those chosen ones in the best way possible. Their love is unconditional and this type of love is rare to find. She will never lie, disrespect or mistreat the ones she loves and therefore, her love is truly unique.

#10. She will show you who you are what you can be.

She understands her deeply and will help everyone to reach their best levels. She is filled with inspiration to do better and having someone like her around will truly be a blessing for many.

However, she is quite capable of flying happily solo and therefore, if she is not treated right, she will never hesitate to move away.

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