We are accustomed to cats being calm and fluffy balls of fur that gaze at us with eyes that are filled with the purity of angels. The Japanese cat-fluencer Chirico, on the other hand, is not at all like anything else. When you first look at her, she does look like a stuffed teddy bear that you would never be able to resist cuddling. The reason for this is that she is a Selkirk Rex, a breed that is uncommon and well-known for its wavy fur and photogenic appearance.

Image Credit & More Info; chirichirichirico/Instagram

As soon as you look at her face, however, you will discover that she is acting in a manner that is similar to a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothes. ‘mostly due to the fact that Chirico is one hell of an angry person.

On Instagram, Chirico is quickly becoming a rising star. She currently has 1,495 followers, all of whom she keeps entertained with entertaining tiny updates from her daily life. In spite of the fact that she is celebrating her birthday and taking a bath, this girl is not impressed in the least. And I can sense her.

After reaching out to Chirico’s owner, it was informed that the furious one resides in Tokyo and is three years old for her age. The owner also mentioned that strawberries are her favourite food, which is evident from the numerous posts, such as this one, that show the Japanese Selkirk Rex enjoying the taste of red berries.

We were given the assurance by the owner that Chirico is not an angry cat, despite the fact that her face is constantly displeased. She is a kind and friendly cat who can display a wide range of expressions on her face. It has come to light that Chirico’s preferred facial expression is the yawning face.

Although the Selkirk Rex cat breed is a relatively young breed, it has already earned a cult-like status due to the fact that people like it for its gorgeous wavy fur. The species made its first appearance in Montana in 1987. A natural mutation was discovered in a litter of kittens that were born between a blue tortoiseshell cat and a white cat. The unique fur is the outcome of this mutation.

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