It seems that cats are excellent at adhering to the guidelines for the coronavirus quarantine (though we know they just love sitting inside circles). And here we believed that they were fundamentally rebellious. At a Quezon City market area in the Philippines, a bunch of stray cats were seen occupying social distance markers on the pavement.

To keep individuals at least one meter away and stop the spread of Covid-19, white circles have been painted on the ground. Pictures of the cats being socially responsible caught the attention of many online users, who praised them for being trained. Unlike some individuals who could believe that they are unaffected by the epidemic.

As Coleen from Quezon City shared pictures she captured on her Facebook page, the globe became aware of the cats’ love of circle markers. The meowsome images gained popularity at that point and were covered by the news.

Image Credit & More Info; Coleen Joice Aquino | Instagram

According to Coleen, the cats stayed in the circles for around 10 minutes when she first noticed them occupying them. She decided to take a few pictures of them since she found them to be so lovely. “These cats were just wandering around the public market where our vegetable store is located when I shot the pictures on May 10,” the photographer said. “I have never seen cats sitting in circles before,” she said.

Coleen claims that she wasn’t planning on her pictures becoming viral. I just shared them on social media because “I just posted them because I found it cute and nice content to share on social media.” She said that her city was operating an Extended Community Quarantine at the time she shot the pictures (aka an ECQ). “But, Extreme ECQ is now in charge. And everyone in this place abides by the rules,” she continued.

She also told the local media, “I was so excited that I took pictures of them,” She claims that these particular cats are stray animals that frequent the same location in search of food. While we’d like to believe that cats are subtly making fun of us by modeling how to comply with quarantine rules, the fact is that felines enjoy being enclosed in squares and circles. It’s an instinct for survival.

They will take cover from predators in a carved-out tree stump while they are in the wild. As part of their normal stalking and predatory instinct, they will also conceal themselves in this same tree stump to ambush their victim, she added.“Placing themselves in a circle would give a cat a sense of security and safety and, at least in their minds, an increased chance of survival.”

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