Date A Teacher

As we all know, our society has a mindset that teacher can never be a good fit to date. However, we all had teachers we loved and hated. And also We all had that teacher who we fell in love with.

Fortunately, now we are legally allowed to date a teacher without it being creepy, Therefore, let’s give an outlook on all the 12 reasons why a teacher could be a great match for you.

1. They are good-looking and sensual.

2. They are very Smart and brainy. They are teachers, therefore you can definitely learn a lot of things from them.

3. They will often leave you alone to have your ‘me time’ because they can understand others well.

4. Every time you do something good, they will reward you because they always have a practice of rewarding and appreciating kids with kind words.

5. Weekend getaways! It is easy to plan dates with them because they are free at nights, weekends, and all other holidays.

6. They rely on their ability to make a quick connection with you like they do with kids.

7. They spend all of their time thinking of new and innovative ways to make things. Therefore, they are creative. They will do creative things which will make you happy.

8. Most of the teachers are updated with new trends. Therefore, they are up to date with the latest fashion trends. As an example dresses, skirts, and lingerie.

9. They will help you to maintain your standards. So They will correct your grammatical mistakes and teach you fresh things.

10. Teachers always plan their activities. Therefore, they are good in bed. There will be very long planned foreplays which will make you satisfied.

11. Mostly, they will spend the time with the kids. Therefore, they are very talkative and easy to communicate on anything.

12. They will not allow kids to walk to the class late. So they are very punctual. If they say they will be at the cafe at 8 pm, they will reach on time.

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