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Do you have any best friends? Are you still close with your high school friends? It is surely very difficult to maintain friendships with our lifestyles, isn’t it? People are drifting apart day by day. College pushes best friends apart, jobs swallow the time you have to spend with your friends, kids require a lot of attention that your friends gradually fade out of the scenario. All in all, it is very tough being friends with someone for a long time.

However, these two friends have conquered everything that was thrown in their way and are still best friends with each other. Their friendship has a grand history of 20 years despite the fact that they could not spend much time together.

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Now they have found the ultimate solution for all the friend troubles.

They have built a town just for themselves!

The main purpose of building the town is to grow old together. They tried to live close to each other, and when everything else failed, they decided to build their own town. Eco-friendly methods were pretty much everything they were interested in. so they two couples sacrificed all the money they have for a worthy cause and built a town near the Llano River outside of Austin, Texas.

The cabins in the Llano Exit Strategy cost $40,000 each. Matt Garcia designed the cabins and made sure they are efficient and cost-effective. The cabins have reflective walls, slanted roofs, water barrels (5,000 gallons) and insulated windows.

These two best friends, with their families, were finally able to make their dream come true. What about you?  Where do you and your best friend stand right now?

Are you taking good care of your friendship? Here are some tips.

#1. Be honest

Anything that is built on falsehood does not last long. So make are that you are honest with your friends. Tell them about your past, your goals and your opinions truthfully.

#2. Makeup after arguments

Any good friendship is bound to have a few arguments. Just make sure that you are willing to apologize when you have to.

#3. Grace

Do good and forgive before they say sorry. We all need a bit of compassion to live on.

Friends are truly a gift. If you find one, make sure that you hold on to them, that you take care of them.  Also, don’t forget that they deserve your respect and you deserve to be respected. They are such a blessing and your life will be much easier with a friend.

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