By. Anuradha

People do different things to show their love. You would surely have heard of ancient kings and emperors who even build monuments for their loved ones. However, people show love not only by giving gifts or building palaces. Love can even be shown through a simple hug and hugging can surely be called the most beautiful form of communication. So, here are some reasons why you should make hugging a habit.

#1. Hugs can increase your self-esteem.

From our very young days, we are grown accustomed to the touches we receive. It is scientifically proven that the mother’s touch has a wonderful effect on the baby since the time the fetus came to her womb. Those lovely hugs and other gestures of appraisal increase our self-esteem and help us to do our work better. Even as adults, these touches we receive from loved ones have a direct impact on our nervous system and that is why you feel much better when someone hugs you and consoles you when you are so down.

#2. Reduces stress levels.

Hugging also has a visible impact on reducing our stress levels. When you are being hugged, the level of cortisol in your body reduces and you feel much better. It relaxes your mind and helps you to think better. So, the next time when you are stressed or when you feel that someone else that you love is under stress, hug them. That will make them feel much better.

#3. Hugs enhance relationships.

A good hug always means a lot. It ensures the feeling of safety, honesty, loyalty, and belongingness. When all these fundamental aspects of a relationship are touched, it increases mutual understanding and the bond. Moreover, it was also proven by researches that hugging and touching means a lot in every relationship. It encourages empathy and understanding between the two people.

#4. Overall better mood.

When you hug someone, the production of serotonin in your brain also increases which is the chemical that you need for a positive mood. The people who are depressed and who are in loneliness experience a low level of serotonin and that is why they are in such bad moods. So, always make sure to hug a person who is not in a good mood.

#5. Hugs can lower the risk of heart disease.

The hormones that are released into the body after a hug also helps in improving your physical health. When someone touches you, your body opens the pressure receptors which are known as Pacinian corpuscles. It then sends signals to your brain which end up lowering the blood pressure.

#6. Balance the nervous system.

You can balance someone’s nervous system by hugging them. The moisture and the electric sensation are certain feelings that you experience when you passionately hug someone which shows the effect on the nervous system. 

#7. Hugging is important for adults too.

When you get old, you naturally feel more secluded and isolated. This has a direct impact on the brain which increases the aging effect. So, when you hug older people, it means a lot to them and that helps them to stay healthy as well.

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