By. Anuradha

Globalization resulted in making the whole world a single global village. We all know what is happening in all the nooks and corners of the world and the use of the internet andsocial media has created another platform for everyone in the world to connect.

Particularly, in the recent age, social media has become the ideal place to share our happiness and sorrow with others and in this regard memes play a special role. Some people log into their social media accounts just to see memes and relax their mind. So, if you are also into funny memes, we are sure that you would have heard of this Japanese artist who creates sculptures out of funny animal memes!

Image Credit & More Info: twitter

Meetissai, the famous Japanese sculptor is well-known for his unique sculptures which take their inspiration from internet memes. In his sculpture collection, you can see cats, dogs and even whales in weird poses and doing various abnormal things, but it is this weirdness that makes his work special too. He already has 219.2k followers on the internet and several people eagerly wait for the artist to show his latest works. Some people even send him memes to be considered for his next sculpture and it has become such a hit!

We all know there are various social media groups, pages and sites which are specially dedicated to sharing the weird moments of pets. You would probably have come across the squirrels who photobombed a couple’s wedding shoot, a cat giving odd looks or a dog trying weird positions. They all are enjoyable and if you are a pet owner, you might also have your own stories to include in this category.

So, there is no wonder that this Japanese artist was also inspired to pursue his art based on internet memes and we made a collection of some of his works for you to enjoy.

So, If you enjoyed these creations, we are eagerly waiting to hear your thoughts about them!

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