Even though it is easy to convince your mom to get something, we all know how difficult it is to convince your dad, especially if you want to get a pet. Your dad might come up with a thousand arguments as to why you shouldn’t have a dog or cat, and discourage you from getting a pet.
However, what we have noticed is that, though they try to stop you from bringing a pet home, they also end up loving the creature more than you do. So, here are some images of dads who were against getting a pet that they now can’t live without. Hope you will enjoy this!

#1. When you say “no” to feeding a feral cat but end up installing a heated cat house in the backyard along with a camera in it to ensure that the cat is safe and sound. (Missburr)

#2. This cat wants his daddy. (pinche_whey)

#3. When your dad never allowed you to have a pet when you were young and now drags the cat in a box while making train sounds. (emmawiiwiiwii)

#4. Dad made Kimba a gorgeous new home and look at how happy he is. (yagirlyarelli)

#5. I didn’t want a dog at first, but now I just can’t stop myself from hugging him. (mischkazelenyy)

#6. This adorable doggo helped her daddy to recover from a stroke and look at how comfortable she feels by his side. (DreamersEyesOpen)

#7. Dad has a new baby to look after. (DragonpaladinAlaine)

#8. This doggo is taking cooking lessons from his daddy. (llaisney)

#9. Cats have officially taken over the world and humans now have to sleep on the floor. (meoconus)

#10. When you are not a dog person, but end up taking your doggo sailing. (anniewolfe)

#11. From “I don’t want that cat” to “Let me carry that cat to her bed”. (laurieatari)

#12. He called the cat hairless at first and look at him now. (literallyironic11)

#13. He didn’t want to keep the cat, but now he loves her the most. (lily_r_g)

#14. When your dog finally manages to transform your dad from a cat person to a dog person. (ebrambles)

#15. Dad and doggo reunited after spending 6 months apart from one another. (ikebrofloski)

#16. From not wanting a dog to getting the dog his own bed and night lamp. (Shamancito)

#17. The cat transformed my dad from grumpy to happy. (EricSaysHey)

#18. The same dad who was dead set against getting a dog, buying a tub for him to play in. (Mireyadaa)

#19. Was never a fan of cats, but now I watch cat videos with this ball of fluff. (SmyleGuy)

#20. When your kids leave home and you adopt a new child to replace them. (therealmissfrizzle)

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