By. Anuradha

Nature is filled with so many spontaneous phenomena. In a mini-second, so many things can happen which are mostly invisible to our eyes. This can also be identified as one reason for nature photographs to be popular these days. Most of the things that we are not likely to see are captured through camera lenses thanks to the tiring efforts of nature photographers. So, we are going to show you such a unique photograph that you would hardly get the chance to see from your naked eye.

Back in 2016, the biologist Vanessa Bezy was flying her done over the Costa Rican coastline for a study that investigated olive ridley sea turtles and their reproduction. It was then she managed to film probably the largest swarm of sea turtles to this day and the sight is dazzling.

In the video, you can see thousands of sea turtles while swimming across a region just off Ostional National wildlife refuge and there is about one turtle for every square meter! The best thing is that new turtles seem to rise from below the surface as the drone ascends and you can hardly count the number of little buddies there.

Bezy said that,

“I immediately knew there was something special going on. To this day I am still blown away by the video. They look like bumper cars out there”.

The scientific director of the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Florida, Roldan Valverde also said that,

“This is the only time I have seen a video capturing this phenomenon in the water. Most of the photography documenting this occur on the beach”

Bezy engaged in this study to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the species and she hopes that the footage will help the initiative to remain robust. As a result of the tourism industry, many of these sea turtles have lost their breeding grounds. Olive ridley sea turtles are among the six sea turtle species that the International Union for Conservation of Nature listed as threatened. They are reluctant to come to beaches because of humans and that might be one reason why you see thousands of them swimming in the video.

We hope that this video will raise awareness about protecting these innocent creatures and therefore, make sure to share this among your friends and bring their attention to this.

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