By: Santo

We all know problem-solving is a priceless skill to have in both your personal and professional lives. Devising a solution for roadblocks is vital. However, it might not be such a sought-after skill if the ideas are ridiculous. Creativity is the essence of technology we have today, without technology we would be without the most basic of equipment in our modern day lives. Could you imagine a life without cars, computers, and even houses? What would the world be like if it were deprived of these necessities? We have progressed to such a degree, that it seems almost unlikely that the human race will produce one more extraordinaire.

It is true that the purpose of a scissor and a knife is the same. But even though it is so using a knife to cut your hair is insane. You want believe that there people who do things like that. They come up with hilarious and ridiculous solutions to everyday problems that we don’t even think of. Though at the end the problems are solved the solutions look really stupid and funny that one can laugh to death by seeing them. It is unbelievable how people can be both crazy and innovative at the same time.

Check out these hilarious solutions to problems – some are way out there and some are just straight-up genius. These results are hilarious!

#1. Safe like the door of your room. (picabu)

#2. Riding on a fully blanketed cab. (vk)

#3. Hybrid windows. (novate)

#4. A quite applicable substitute. (vk)

#5. When sausage is life. (yaplakal)

#6. The mobile bath. (picabu)

#7. Hangers are not only for dresses, sometimes they are for pipes. (imgur)

#8. What’s even the point of having a padlock? (thereifixedit)

#9. How to create space like a pro. (vk)

#10. May be the sink is too narrow. (novate)

#11. Wish that squirrel in Ice –Age had duct tape. (thereifixedit)

#12. Look at those toes? (vk)

#13. I guess this CCTV is to record spiders. (novate)

#14. How to save water like a pro. (vk)

#15. Roller-building block skates. (novate)

#16. She has the third eye it seems. (dymontiger.livejournal)

#17. When you are playing with a person you hate. (idioteka)

#18. Saved all the washing! (vk)

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