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All of us have different tastes. We love to eat different things, wear different costumes and have different pets. It all depends on our thoughts, likes, and dislikes. Nevertheless, how many of you would be brave enough to raise a ‘dangerous’ animal in your household as a pet? If you are wondering what I meant by ‘dangerous’, you can define it as an animal that eats flesh or simply a predator. Most of the time, we hear about cats or dogs being pets. But have you ever heard about a cougar being a pet?

Messi is puma who lives with the Russian couple Alexandar and Mariya Dmitriev. The couple first saw this huge cat in a petting zoo and instantly fell in love with him. Messi was born in 2015 at the Saransk zoo in Russia. That was the time where Saransk was proposed to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament. So along with his two siblings, Messi was also named after football players.

Image Credit & More Info: I_am_puma

Messi was named after the famous football player Lionel Messi. However, unlike his two siblings, Messi was a bit different. He was significantly smaller than the other two. He could not even be released to the wild as his species was not native to the country and besides, he had many other health issues. As a result, it was extremely hard for him to live either in the zoo or in any other wildlife sanctuary.

When Alexandra and Mariya visited the zoo in 2016, they fell in love with him instantly. They wanted to adopt him but he was extremely ill at the time. So, after proper documentation when they finally had Messi at their place, they spent a considerable time nursing the sick puma. After proper care and attention, Messi regained his health and since then has filled the couples’ home with happiness.

They have modified the hallway of their apartment for Messi to play and even though they have a sphynx cat named Kira, she does not seem to adore this big guy. So, the two are mostly kept apart. However, Messi turned out to be a very fine and gentle creature and he has never attacked anyone in his life.

In the video below, you can see many other details about his life in Dmitriev’s apartment. It is nice to see how the couple treats this big boy and hope you will also end up loving him!

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