By. Ran

If you like those who roam the world looking for wisdom and knowledge, you might possess certain characteristics that indicate you to be a deep thinker.

Here are seven of them.

#1. They analyze every experience.

They like to be alone with their own thoughts. They often spend their time analyzing the past, the present and the future, thinking about their experiences and possibilities. They can become nostalgic as they dwell on the past, but prefer to also prepare for the future.

#2. They tend to live in isolation.

They tend to be introverts and often live alone because they tend to process everything they perceive deeply and need space and peace to do so.

#3. They are naturally empathic.

Just because they tend to shut themselves up and live alone it does not mean that they are not sensitive. In contrary, they are empathetic and very emotional.  In fact, they are incredibly emotional, active listeners and are patient, giving you their undivided attention.

#4. They have various perspectives on the world.

They are not confined within a single ideology, perspective, opinion or a vision. They perceive the world through different angles; they see the world from different perspectives. This actually leads to a kind of enlightenment that only they can reach.

#5. They are often forgetful.

This may seem kind of odd given that most believe people who are such deep thinkers do not forget little things like buying milk or toilette paper. But the reality is, they do forget such mundane tasks as they are preoccupied with all the complex thinking that goes on in their head.

#6. They are keen learners.

They are always thirsty for knowledge. Otherwise where would they get all the information they desire.

#7. They are the most open minded people you would meet.

Their currency is wisdom and they never discard a notion without pondering and getting to the root of it. This inevitably makes them open to various ideas and opinions.

So what do you think about these characteristics? Does it make you a deep thinker?

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