By: Anuradha

Words can express many things that are buried deep inside your heart. All the sorrows, miseries and victories that you experience can beautifully be expressed through writings and that is why many literary works are remembered for generations. Among all the literary genres poetry is famous among many and now we are going to tell you the story of a beautiful poem written by a very special person.

Benjamin Giroux is a boy with autism and he is a multi-year-old understudy. He was given homework to write a poem and instead of just writing anything, the young man poured out his heart in his poem. He wrote the poem about himself and it has captured all the difficulties and hardships that he encounters. His fears about facing the world and how others will accept him is beautifully presented through his poem and he entitled the poem as “I am”.

When his tutor saw the poem, she was amazed by the brilliance and since then the poem has gone viral on the web. Even the National Autism Association featured it and shared it with others as it has captured the gist of Benjamin’s life.

Autism is a formative issue and people with autism show difficulties in social cooperation and correspondence. Kids with autism face many learning difficulties and their physical features also make them cornered in gatherings. However, Benjamin has proved that it is not fair to judge people like him just by looking at them as they have many capabilities and talents.

None of us are alike and we all have a duty to respect others despite their appearance, social position, education, economic status or any other factor. We all are humans and that is what matters the most.

So, read the poem below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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