By. Anuradha

When don’t only grow up in size or age. But also through the experiences that we get and the people that we meet. We may meet new people but there is one person that can never be replaced with anyone else in our life. She is none other than our mom.

She was the only person who stood there from our first breath in life. She was happy when we cried for the first time but after that, all our tears saddened her heart to the deepest level. There were numerous days that she could not sleep thinking about you. Each time you get sick, you fought with a classmate or went to bed without taking dinner, she was worried about you. She wondered what difficulty you might be going through. She wanted to help you with whatever means possible and no matter how old you are, she was the only faithful and true friend you had. She will support you not only by providing things for you but also emotionally. You cannot find a friendly ear in your partner or your best friend. But in your mom, you can always find a faithful listener.

Perhaps, when you grow up you would think that you don’t need your mom any longer. Her advice and even her telephone calls can be bothering. There can be days that you intentionally avoid talking to her and think that you don’t need her anymore. But remember that, she never missed your calls or never ignored you. Even when you proved yourself to be completely worthless, she never gave up on you.

You may start a new family and might be the head of a big company. But for your mom, you are always her little child and therefore, she will always love you and will forgive you. She hoped for the best for you and always wanted to see your success.

So, take care of your mom and love her to the fullest. She is not only important but also someone really special in your life. so, love her in the way that she deserves!

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