By. Anuradha

Sometimes, it takes more than a lifetime to understand the value of certain things. We tend to appreciate things when they are no longer around us or when we cannot have them with us anymore. The memories of our loved ones also belong to this category. Sometimes, the calls that you get from your mom or constant check-ups of your dad can be a nuisance to you. but if such calls and texts cease to reach your phone, you would miss them a lot. The irony of our lives lies there.

Nevertheless, if we can change this order things would be way better than this for sure. We should learn to appreciate every single moment of our life without taking them for granted. When someone that we love, does something for us we should be equally grateful for that. if not there would surely be a moment in our life, where we would regret everything that we did and simply hate ourselves.

Image Credit & More Info: Mary Mac

Granny bear is so lovely. I will forever remember you, grandma.

Now his memory lasts forever.

Well, this bear has few memories in him.

However, we found one woman who has found a beautiful way to remember our loved ones. Mary Macinnes got this amazing idea to make teddy bears out of the old clothes of people’s loved ones. Some people decide to make teddies out of their kids’ clothes just remember their childhood. Sometimes, people make these teddies to remember someone who went away for a while.

Well, honey, you both look the same.

Scout bear is one of the best things I saw today.

A Bear couple, just like you and me.

Some people make teddies in remembrance of the ones who pass away. No matter what the cause is, the concept is so beautiful and there is no doubt that this would be one of the best ways to preserve the memories of the ones you love.

She is so cute just like the baby who wore this.

It seems like he is ready for winter.

He got the style.

Even though you cannot have those people with you physically, these teddies would help to replace them slightly and I feel you all would love to see a teddy wearing the favorite cloth of a person that you love and sitting in your living room. 

They look comfy.

Hubby bear is so cute. Well, just like me.

She is so cute and adorable.

So, scroll down to see some of the teddies Mary made and don’t forget to let us know what you think about these!

A professional bear it seems.

A bear made out of a robe.

This memory will last forever.

What a way to keep the memory of the European Championship.

Seems like a dream came true.

No worries, he will warm you up.

A full set of clothes turned into a bear.

That denim and shirt are memorable for someone.

Childhood memories look better now.

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