Wildcats are creatures belonging to the family of Felidae. The species consists of two types, the European wildcat, and the African wildcat. Wildcats are larger than domestic cats but smaller than jungle cats. These animals feed on small mammals, rodents, and birds. Their population faces various threats due to hybridization with domestic cats, traffic accidents as well as traps.

On one fine day, Allison Burton was at her home in Canada when she observed a spotted furry figure casually walking down the street. At first, she believed this to be a dog.

Upon taking a closer look she realized that it was a lynx, strutting down a street like a model, showing off her gorgeous self. Allison was equally shocked as well as excited since she had never seen a lynx in real life before.

The beautiful animal was walking so close to her house. Allison then ran to get her camera in order to get photographic evidence of this rare visit. Thanks to her thoughtfulness the whole world got to see the lynx walking down the street. She walked very peacefully, giving Allison the opportunity to capture breathtaking photographs of the creature. Even though other people stopped by to watch the stunning wildcat, she did not seem to even care and kept on strutting as if no one was watching her.

“It was just majestic and happy to be in its own little world, doing its own thing” expressed Allison. The locals also felt the same way and enjoyed watching this gorgeous creature. Moments later, the lynx disappeared out of sight and into the wilderness, her home.

Although the creature’s visit was a short one, Allison will surely never forget the time when a beautiful lynx walked right past her house. Wouldn’t you love it if an animal as majestic as this walked by your house? I know that I would be ecstatic.

Image Credit & More Info; Allison Burton/Shyda ForeverFriends | H/T; thedodo

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