By. Anuradha

We all have that period in our lives where we all get to work continuously without any rest. Sometimes, it can be the month-end of your company, semester-end exams or even a function at your home where you have given a huge responsibility to work. You will work day and night to meet the requirements assigned to you and yeah you would succeed in meeting the ends. But, during these long periods of continuous works, your soul can fall into deep rest and you will feel like you are depressed.

No matter how much you need to pick yourself up and work, you will not have the energy to do that you will always be exhausted. The reason for this is your soul needs some rest and it is something that you need to consider seriously. If you ignore the signs which tell you that your soul needs a lesson, it can lead to chronic anxiety, mental health issues, and depression. So, go through the list below and check whether your soul needs a rest. If you think that you have these symptoms, then please do take a rest from all what you are doing! After all, physical and mental wellbeing is important than any other material gain!

#1. All you want to do during the day would be to rest and lie down. You will feel a need to have a nap even at unusual hours and it might take a lot of effort for you to get out of bed each day. Even the sleep that you have in the night would not be comfortable as it is full of bad dreams and you will feel restless throughout the day.

#2. you will feel an aching sensation throughout all your body. it can be a blurred vision, stomach-ache, dizziness or simply anything that gives you pain without any reason.   

#3. you will have no idea about how exactly you are feeling. Even when someone asks you what is wrong, you will have no answer to give as even you can’t figure out what exactly has gone wrong. You will know that something complex and deep is happening inside but you will not know what is that feeling.

#4. You will always feel as if you are fragmented and disoriented. Your mind and body will be out of sync and therefore, you will feel as if you are not functioning properly.

#5. All your emotions will be intensified. You will cry even for little things and would be disheartened even by little things. You will be waiting even for a little thing to break your peace and you will always be moody.

#6. You experience mild panic attacks or chronic anxiety.

#7. You will feel lonely even when you are surrounded by a bunch of people. You will feel as if you are missing something and would not be able to enjoy your life as you used to do.   

#8. You will be filled by bitter, jealous, angry and resentful thoughts. You will be annoyed even by a little thing and you will not be compassionate or loving to anyone anymore.

#9. Your body feels weak. You will always be exhausted and nothing will make you happy. Even doing the things that you loved earlier would be irritating and everything will look hard in your eyes.

#10. You often feel scared and uncertain about your future. You will be worried about the goals that you have to meet, the aims you build on your life and simply, you will just feel like packing up everything and moving away.

So, if you feel like this, take immediate actions to cure yourself. take a hot bath, meet a friend that you love or take a long vacation. Always focus on the positive energies and keep in your mind that your sanity is important than anything else!

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