By. Ran

Do we have a lot of options and opportunities to choose from that we have started taking everything for granted? Have we lost the ability to cherish and admire the little things in life?

It is unfortunate but the answer is yes. Yes, we no longer cherish the simple joys of everyday life. We no longer notice moments. We don’t see the value in these small moments of life we experience.

It is not healthy to keep going like this, we need to admire the things that are actually valuable. We need to stop and look back. We need to understand what actually matters.

And here are seven things we have to cherish and be grateful for…

#1. The present moment is all you have. You neither have the past nor the future. But the present? That is all yours. You need to embrace it with both hands and enjoy the living moment. In fact, why should you not be grateful for the present moment? You are alive, the sun is shining, and your bed is warm. That is a lot to be grateful for!

#2. You already have more than enough. You have a roof over your head, food on your table, and people who love you. That is more than most people out there have.

#3. The more you express gratitude, the more positivity you attract. It is reciprocal. You express gratitude and it rewards you back with positivity.

#4. It opens doors for new relationships. There is no rocket science here. Positivity makes you shine with happiness, it makes your heart overflow with gleaming brightness. And that attracts positive people, opening doors for new relationships.

#5. Gratitude helps you sleep at night. This works both literally and figuratively. It gives you peace of mind and an inner serenity. It also reduces stress and anxiety.

#6. It gives you the strength to forgive. It reduces pent up anger and enhances empathy, making it easier for your inner self to forgive. Every experience that we go through on our journey, no matter how good or bad, is nothing more than a lesson that we need to learn to move on. And this is something we need to be grateful for.

#7. Being grateful for every experience in life is the key to being happy. It is like rewiring your brain to stay happy. It is shifting your energy and attracting more of what you really want in life.

So be grateful, and experience how your life blooms with happiness.

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